What HVAC Filter Should You Use?

When it comes to choosing the right air filter for your oven or air conditioner, it's important to consider the MERV rating. Pleated designs tend to have higher MERV ratings, and disposable filters are usually made of fiberglass. Polyester filters offer an improved ability to stop dust and allergens, but they are more expensive. With the Filter King filter selection tool, you can find the size, thickness and MERV rating that best suits your needs.

Changing the air filter in your HVAC system is a simple maintenance task that every homeowner should do. A four-inch or larger MERV 11 media filter is the most cost-effective option for air filtration. A filter with a MERV rating of 10 to 12 is sufficient to remove most allergy-causing particles from the air in your home. MERV 5 — MERV 8 filters provide good filtration and remove most pollen, mold spores and dust mites.

It's important to note that the air filter is designed so that air flows in only one direction through it. If you install it in the wrong direction, it may collapse and impair its performance. Additionally, a home warranty company will only repair and replace an HVAC unit if the unit has a filter that meets the proper MERV standard. When deciding which type of home air filter is right for you, it's important to consider how often you use your air conditioner or oven.

Every time you use them, dust and particles will accumulate in the filter. Media filters have much more surface area than one-inch filters, so you can use a MERV 11 filter which is approximately eighty-five percent effective with mold spores and larger dust particles. However, some air filters with higher MERV ratings may prevent airflow due to improved air filtration. The MERV rating system is designed to determine the filter's ability to remove particles from the air. This may not be such a big problem for most homeowners unless they have a very large HVAC system.

As long as you quickly correct the orientation of the filter by installing it in the right direction, you should suffer no problems.

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